Awinic provides the charger IC, boost IC, touch controller IC, and motor driver IC for e-cigarette product.

Selection table

Functional block Category Subclass Product Selection index
LED driver LED driver
Breathing LED driver AW2027DNR; AW2015FCR; AW2015AFCR; AW2016QNR; AW2016AQNR; AW2033DNR; Charging Indicator status
Breathing LED driver LED driver
Breathing LED driver AW2023DNR; AW2033DNR; AW2026DNR; AW2027DNR; AW9106BTQR; AW9109QNR; AW9110BTQR; AW9523BTQR; AW9120QNR; AW9817ETQR; AW9818ETQR; AW2028HFCR; AW2013DNR; LED channel
Touch with LED Driver LED driver
Breathing LED driver AW9109QNR; AW9110BTQR; AW9106BTQR; Touch channel, LED channel
OVP Power management
OVP AW32902FCR; AW32905FCR; AW32909FCR; AW32910FCR; AW32912FCR; AW32901FCR; Ball number, OVP threshold , Rdson , response time
Charger Power management
Charger AW3215ADNR; AW3216DNR; AW3210ADNR; Max charge current
Boost Power management
BOOST AW3606DNR; AW3611DNR; AW3615CSR; Current limit, max Load
LRA Driver Touch & Haptic
Haptic driver AW8624CSR; LRA x-axis, y-axis
Touch with LED Driver Touch & Haptic
Capacitive touch controller AW9203CSR; AW9233CSR; AW9201QNR; Touch channel, LED channel
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